Things to Remember When Using Kik

kik imgPeople who are into instant messaging will certainly have heard about Kik messenger. This is certainly one of the hottest names in the instant messaging market today. If you are not too familiar with how it works and why it seems to be a very hot commodity these days, the following information will help you understand it better.


Smaller size

To a lot of users, when an app has a smaller size, it means that it is going to take up less memory and space on your device. This also means that it is going to lag less and there will be less latency issue since it is not going to be way too heavy, to begin with. This also means that there will still be a lot of space left for the other apps on the phone that could be used for saving music or pictures among others.


Free SMS

To people who like sending and receiving text messages on a regular basis, this is certainly a good way for you to be able to message those people you keep on constant contact with without having to worry that you are going overage on your phone credits. For this specific app. You have to make sure that your contacts are using the same app as well so you can get top send them unlimited messages and receive unlimited messages from them as well.


How to get started

One will find that it is very easy to start up an account with Kik. Unlike WhatsApp where there is a need for you to sign up using your actual phone number, this is not the same as Kik. All you need is an email address, a password, and a username and you are good to go. Not many people are sold on the idea of having to give out their personal phone numbers to sign up for something. This is why, for people that want to be sure that their identities and personal information are kept private while they chat on these platforms, this is a good app to sign up for.


Better privacy

People who do not like the idea of getting their information easily seen by others that they do not want it to be seen will like the fact that Kik seems to protect their privacy better. To a lot of people, anonymity is a big deal on the web these days- in a day and age where everything seems to be connected and can be easily traced online. The anonymity that the app offers is certainly a very good side of the platform that a lot of people will appreciate.kik-colorful

It is important to note though that due to the anonymity that Kik extends to its users, anybody can create a profile within the platform. It is up to the user whether he will choose to display his actual name or not. Most people do not. Since there is a good chance that some people might intentionally post deceptive information about themselves, people are always advised to be very careful who they are dealing with when on the app. Not easily taking things at face value is a good attitude to adopt when interacting with people on the site.


Understanding username

There is no need for one to put in any personal information when signing up for a personal account; this is the reason why the username is a very important point to consider when establishing one. This means that all a user needs is the username of another Kik account to send him or her messages. It does not matter if they do not know the full name of the person or their phone number of their email address. As long as they know the username of these people, they can message them.

If one were to consider the accessibility of the app this is certainly a plus point. This means that getting in touch with people is made a lot easier without any need for you to have to extend extra effort to do so. But when it comes to security and privacy perspectives, this might have a lot of downsides to it, and in fact, it can be downright concerning.

To counter those instances though when one may be dealing with messages from somebody he does not want to talk to. There is the block option. This means that any unwanted contact can be prevented from sending you any message so if somebody is annoying you or bothering you, this is a good option to rely on.

On the other hand – you can easily find other kik usernames on sites like There should be hundreds of thousands other people’s usernames to be added freely!


Media messaging made easy

A lot of people like the fact that Kik offers a very good alternative when it comes to sending and receiving text messages. In the pastime people often have to wonder about what they can do to reduce their monthly phone charges since if they send and receive text messages all the time and they do not have an unlimited text plan to go with it, they are getting charged for every single one of the messages that they are sending and receiving.

The presence of instant messaging apps like Kik has indeed revolutionized that. A lot of people are very appreciative of the presence of these platforms as this means that they now have the choice to send messages and receive them in an unlimited manner. Of course, they have to make sure that they have phone data or access to the internet to do so.


Safety and security

kik safetyIt is very important to remember that apps like these are made with the security and the privacy of the user in mind. Still, this does not mean that one should just go ahead and abandon all caution to the wind when signing up for these places. Making sure that you do know the people that you are interacting with is very important. Making sure too that you refrain from sharing any pertinent information to people that you barely know is another good way of ensuring that you keep yourself safe and secure from unwanted prying eyes on the web.


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