Endeavors in Finding New & Existing Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most used applications nowadays. This genuine android snapchat1software seems to be much preferred by young surfers. What are then some of it special strengths that distinguish it from others?

Having fun with snapchat

First and foremost, snapchat is a kind of platform, where young people as adults can interact. One of it peculiarities is the set of distractions it can provide to people. As a matter of fact, this social network enables friends to have fun and to entertain one another through the videos and photos they can share. They indeed have the opportunity to share their best and funniest photos; they can decide to create stories from their photos and those of their friends that they will publish as video clips. Most teenagers are fond of this part of the application that gives them the chance to express their creativity while having fun. Snapchat is also a great communication tool. Texts and audios can easily be sent among friends.

Snapchat privacy

One thing that strikes people on this application is its level of privacy. As a matter of fact, this social area provides its users with great privacy they will not find anywhere else. In other words, some measures have been taken by the design team to make sure that, photos and videos shared among friends will not be published anywhere or used to violate users’ reputation. In other words, all the files shared are automatically deleted after a specified time. Texts are cancelled as soon as they have been read and video clips disappear after 24 hours. This state of things tends to encourage young people to send dirty texts or impudent photos, as they are confident with the idea that, they will be very ephemeral. Though some cynical persons would try to screenshot what they have received, in order to tarnish their friends’ name; there is a device in the appliance that will aware the user that, one recipient is trying to publish his or her files. Besides, when people harass you, you can decide to press their snapchat usernames, where you will be led to the “remove friends“ option in order to cancel them from your list.

How to find friends and usernames on snapchat ?

snapchat friend addFurthermore, snapchat is a great platform where you can find friends online. The very first step to interact with people once you have downloaded the application in your mobile phone is to create an account. One of the most important information in your account is your snapchat username. The username helps you to be easily recognised by your friends and mates. It is therefore advisable to create them from our real names in order to increase our chances to be added by people who may know us. On this assumption, thanks to usernames, it is a piece of cake to find new friends. You will always need to ask for people’s usernames, if you want to add them in your network. There is still another way to find more usernames and hence, more snapchat friends. This can simply be done owing to the update tool relating to the function that automatically destroys texts. In fact, the link generated by the update leaves an url that can be used to follow your ‘amigos’.

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